CultureGPS Lite Edition


CultureGPS Lite is the free version of CultureGPS iPhone and iPod Touch tool based on Professor Geert Hofstede's research on national cultures providing you with insight into the cultural characteristics of a certain country.

Functionality of CultureGPS Lite Edition includes:

  1. -get an introduction to the 5D model

  2. -for 98 countries and 3 regions look up the respective values on the 5 dimensions

  3. -get insight into the cultural characteristics for the chosen country

Additional features of CultureGPS Professional Edition:

  1. -assess you personal cultural profile*

  2. -compare your own profile with a specific country or compare two countries in terms of their differences in cultural values

  3. -get insight into the characteristics for the respective countries

  4. -read recommendations related to the cultural differences when working as manager, employee, (virtual) team member, or with customers in or from the respective country

The CultureGPS Lite Edition is free
and provides you with an easy way to access information on more than 100 different cultures

The CultureGPS Lite Edition explains the research based 5D model used to characterize different cultures and behaviors

The CultureGPS Lite Edition allows you to look up how individual countries score on the cultural 5D model

... and explains the characteristics of the respective dimension of this culture

* no statistical validity

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